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Revitalise and Restore Your Health with PEMF

Improve Sleep
Reduce Stress
Relieve Aches and Pains
Boost Athletic Performance

Accelerated Healing of Injuries

Treat Multiple Health Issues

Enhance Overall Wellness

What is PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is an extremely safe and non-invasive application that uses technology to create pulses of magnetic fields and frequencies that run through the entire body or targeted areas to resolve dysfunctions at the cellular level.

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“What if you could harness this powerful force field inside of you, to feel better, sleep longer, and most miraculous of all, ease your chronic aches and pains. That's the promise of magnetic therapy, which uses the power of magnetic energy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain so relief and healing can begin.”

— Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University

Host of Emmy-Award Winning, The Dr. Oz Show

What Clients Say


Dexter H.

Right from the first PEMF session with Joseph was a memorable and positive one as I experienced the best night's sleep I had in a very long time. Would gladly recommend Joseph to others which is why I am happy to write this.

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Lucy K.

Joseph is a knowledgeable, patient, helpful, friendly and thoughtful therapist. He is analytical and will explore other options if prior treatment is not so effective. I trust that your experience with Joseph will be as positive as mine.


Rudy C.

I was dumbfounded that it only took 2 painless (30 minutes each session) and much less in cost to recover fully from a Trigger Finger using the iMRS PEMF System. Delightfully surprised on the effectiveness with the recommended complementary treatment from Hope Naturals.

About Us


Patrick Ong

Managing Partner,

PEMF Expert (HK)


Joseph Ong


BICOM Practitioner (UK),
PEMF Expert (HK)

Hope Naturals was established in 2011 to offer natural health solutions. The company's primary focus is on energy medicine which integrates principles of quantum physics and biochemistry to maintain and restore health. Hope Naturals uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to promote health and general well-being by stimulating and regulating one's innate self-healing energy and mechanisms. Research on PEMF has shown to help with reducing stress, improving immune response, relieving chronic aches and pains, promoting better sleep, increasing metabolism and blood circulation, as well as accelerating the healing of wounds, injuries, and fractures.

Our Values

Client Centric

Putting our clients' needs first helps us focus on what truly matters - building lasting relationships.

Value For Money

Delighting our clients with high quality value-for-money services to give them great satisfaction.


Constantly exploring ideas and solutions that would work for clients to build trust and confidence.

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Therapy Sessions @ Integrated Energy, The Adelphi

1 Coleman Street #03-31, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

There is no walk-in service. Please make an appointment with us before heading to the centre.

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