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What Clients Say

PEMF Therapy has benefited many people worldwide. In Singapore, here are some of the stories shared by those who have experienced the benefits of our services.

Heartbeat stable, Trigger Finger gone

If not for Joseph's admirable in-depth knowledge on Bioresonance Therapy, remarkable insights on energy medicine, health foods, herbs and related health products and passionate enthusiasm to offer his utmost, I'm doubtful on my good recovery and maintaining my active lifestyle. 
Joseph's penchant for caring and concerns motivated him to do all possible for his client's well-being. 


Testimonials on the effectiveness of Bioresonance therapy > Improve energy level, enhances our immunity, strengthens organ function, detoxify, speed up recovery are appended below:

1. Ventricular Ectopic then was >20%. Uncertain on whether it's temporary or permanent. After a year, progress of recovery was slow. Thanks to the complementary treatments, I was delighted when the SGH specialist informed me that my irregular heartbeat is insignificant meaning its <1%. This comforting news has indeed corroborate that alternative treatments can complement effectively with scientific based treatments.

2. Trigger Finger: 2 painful injections of a steroid medication into the tendon sheath to reduce inflammation and allow the tendon to glide freely again was what I needed to go through 8 years ago to correct my Trigger Finger. As advised the similar procedures should not be administered more than twice. Indeed I was dumbfounded that it only took 2 painless (30 minutes each session) and much less in cost to recover fully from a Trigger Finger using the iMRS PEMF System. Delightfully surprised on the effectiveness with the recommended complementary treatment from Hope Naturals.

Understandably, not all medical procedures or treatments offer a  guaranteed success or always meet expectations. Nonetheless, this amazing experiences and heartwarming results attained from energy medicine has wowed and converted me to believe in complementary treatments. My wife and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude and profound appreciation for Joseph's generous hospitality, thoughtfulness and going beyond pleasing to take care of our well-being.

- Rudy C.

Better sleep for a Computer Engineer

Joseph stands out for me as a thoughtful, kind, intellectual therapist. He is very well informed on the subject matter to address the challenges you bring to him. Sessions with Joseph were always engaging. He is very easy to open up to, always positive and encouraging.

Right from the first PEMF session with Joseph was a memorable and positive one as I experienced the best night's sleep I had in a very long time. Would gladly recommend Joseph to others which is why I am happy to write this.

- Dexter H.


Back Pain Relief for Mommy, Immunity Booster for her Son

My son falls sick very easily, and suffers from chronic cough and respiratory issues.  We have seen all sorts of medical specialists but they can’t do much besides giving him steroids. We have been seeking treatment from Joseph and I have seen a vast improvement in his overall health and immunity. 


As for myself, I suffer from back pain and PEMF therapy has provided relief, helping me feel more relaxed and giving me a better night’s rest. 


Joseph is extremely knowledgeable about many conditions and is able to give many insights and advice about how to improve and manage one’s issues. He’s also very friendly, helpful and skilled in this area! 

- Samantha T.

Thumbs up for our Therapist

Joseph is a knowledgeable, patient, helpful, friendly and thoughtful therapist. He is analytical and will explore other options if prior treatment is not so effective. I trust that your experience with Joseph will be as positive as mine.

- Lucy K.

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Image by Jan Kahánek

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